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Catherine Esper
Catherine Esper is a superhero. While she may not be fighting crime or wearing tight spandex, Catherine is a student by day and a family member by night, all while being a teenager, swimmer, organization addict, health queen, violinist, and...okay, basically everything in between. 

So after hearing this long list of what she is.....How does she manage it all?

One of the things which makes Catherine seemingly superhuman is her ability to balance everything from home life, school life, social life, and hobbies. But it wasn’t always this way. When it comes to balance, specifically school activities and academics, Catherine said,

“Balance is something that I learned freshman year. I wanted to take all these advanced classes and I did...and I would have mental breakdowns everyday.”

She further explained, “I would get D’s on my math tests. It was horrible because swim took so much time.”

Luckily, it was November when Catherine had a revelation: She needed to “get herself together.”

With the help of her Aunt, she got a planner, learned how to construct schedules, began to create bullet journals, and, with those new tools, turned her entire school success (or lack thereof) around.

“It all stemmed from that incident freshman year,” Catherine noted.

While the incident might have been dismal at the time, it provided Catherine with the strength to be the lifestyle superhero she is today. 

Of course it takes more than just balance to be a superhero: it’s being dedicated to your passions, and Catherine fits this description. Balance allows her to better focus on passions, such as music, without heavily worrying about things like academics. In fact, she mentioned how she’s interested in pursuing music in college!

Being an avid violinist and a Soprano I in the One Octave Higher Ensemble, she explained, “I want to either minor in music, play in the symphony--I can not give it up--there’s no way.”

Unlike a superhero, Catherine isn’t living a double, but conquering balancing and pursuing the complexities of one. She is also intelligent, optimistic, and kind. In other words, Catherine really is SUPER.

Catherine Esper, Sophomore Contributor

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Catherine Esper