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Bella DeBarr
When asked, Bella DeBarr, Canfield High School junior, described herself as fun, outgoing and a hard worker. 

Bella has been a part of the Canfield Cross Country team since seventh grade. Although she does not want to continue her sport into college, she continues to dedicate her time and effort to the sport until her high school career is over. 

“I usually come home from school, get a couple snacks, take a power nap and watch some episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Then, I get ready for practice,” she said. 

Because of Covid-19, Bella’s season was pushed back and the team does not have as many meets. “We have to carry our masks or have our parents hand them to us before we cross the finish line. I think it’s really stupid but that’s our world today,” DeBarr said. 

Bella’s favorite thing to do after her practice or meet is to go home watch Netflix and eat her favorite food. She states, “ Pizza is my favorite food. I’m always in the mood for it.” 

DeBarr likes to spend time with her family. She only has one other sibling, who is younger than her, named Noelle who is in fourth grade. She likes to play with her dogs named Rocky, who is a German Shepard, and Jack, a Toy Fox Terrier. “I like Jack more than Rocky. I got Jack when I was one for my first Christmas, so I’ve been with him my whole life pretty much,” said Bella. 

Bella Debarr is the kind of girl who likes to have a fun time with friends and family, but at the same time, be a hardworking student-athlete. After high school, she thinks she wants to be an Interior Designer and attend Youngstown State University to be closer to home.

Bella DeBarr, Junior Contributor

Oct 23, 2020
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Bella DeBarr