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Ava Pernotto
Ava Lauren Pernotto, an 18 year old senior at Canfield High School, has lived in this city her entire life, although only being a student of the district for the past four years. She previously attended St. Charles Elementary School, a local Catholic elementary school, beginning in kindergarten and ending when she reached the eighth grade.

“One of my biggest worries was deciding what to wear,” she recalled about her first day at a public school. “I remember texting a picture of my outfit to one of the girls on the cheer squad.”

While attending St. Charles, she was required to wear a uniform daily, and never had to worry if her outfit lived up to the standards of her peers.

When asked by her neighbor who was driving her to school how she felt about her first day, she put her first day outfit jitters aside and replied, “I’m nervous you know,” but then went on to say, “I just walked in with my head held high, and told myself ‘it’s just school’.”

While she was able to conquer the fear of a brand new school, she does remember what scared her the most.

“The only time I was really nervous was when I tried out for cheerleading and I didn’t know anyone. What if I don’t make it? Then I’m that girl from a different school that didn’t make the cheer squad,” said Pernoto.

Although she had her fears and doubts, she made the squad as a freshman. She then went on to make varsity her sophomore year, and is currently cheering for the Cardinals every Tuesday and Friday night at the basketball games.

- Ally Viano

Ava Pernotto, Senior Staffer

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Ava Pernotto