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Audrey Altiere
Here at Canfield High School, Audrey Altiere is more than just another face in the crowd.  As a sophomore, Audrey cheers for the Canfield Varsity Basketball team.  She loves to spend time with, and is always surrounded by her many friends and loving family.

Altiere highly values her tight friendships, and like most teens, enjoys hanging out with her friends. She also attends movies, regular dinners, and chats with her friends using Facetime, further extending her friendships past school hours. To maintain older friendships, Altiere regularly texts and Facetimes her friends from Willow Creek, where she attended school from kindergarten through seventh grade.

Even though Altiere remains busy with her school work, extracurriculars, and friends, she always tries to make time for her family. Quality time in the Altiere house consists of a variety of activities, including movies, family diners and sporting events. "As long as we're all together it doesn't matter what we do," says Audrey. Her family enjoys supporting her by attending basketball games to watch her cheer. Altiere loves watching her younger brother, Christopher, play baseball, which coincidentally, is her favorite sport. She attends family reunions and other events with her more extended family. She enjoys baking with her grandma, and spending time with her other family members, including her cousins, as well.

Throughout Audrey's busy life, she is almost always surrounded by her close knit, network of friends and family who support her, and whom she enjoys spending time with.

Audrey Altiere, Sophomore Contributor

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Audrey Altiere