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Ashlyn Cleevely
Ashlyn Cleevely is an 18 year old girl with a love for sports. As a kid Ashlyn played many different sports such as basketball, soccer & swimming. She always figured she would play sports forever.

“I love playing sports because I like the team aspect. I also love the competitiveness, and the feeling I get before a game,” said the senior Ashlyn Cleevely.

As Ashlyn got older she stuck to playing soccer and basketball. She played basketball for the seventh and eighth grade school teams, and played soccer for a club team.

In about June of her eighth grade year Ashlyn got a concussion in soccer practice.

“I felt so dizzy.. Like i was going to pass out or throw up. It was so scary,” said Ashlyn on her first concussion.

Not knowing much about concussions, Ashlyn continued to play. Later that summer in August, Ashlyn got her second concussion again in soccer practice. After that, Ashlyn took some time off soccer and went to go see a neurologist. Ashlyn received a concussion headband to help protect her in her sports. She thought she was in the clear.

One day while Ashlyn was in Math Class she was resting her head on the chalkboard holder and sat up too fast and hit her head on the wall. That was Ashlyn’s third concussion.

“I felt so stupid that I got a concussion in school. I wasn’t even playing a sport,” said Ashlyn on her third concussion.

Ashlyn felt like she could still participate in sports. She continued going to her neurologist and got cleared to play. Unfortunately, Ashlyn got two more concussions and was unable to play sports anymore

“I felt so devastated. Sports were my whole life, they were everything I looked forward to,” Ashlyn said about not being able to play anymore.

After that, Ashlyn continued to pursue her love of sports. Her sophomore year she became manager of the soccer team and also kept stats. Ashlyn showed up to every single game, practice, and conditioning session.

At the end of the season, Ashlyn received the Ace award. The ace award is given to the soccer player who has the best attitude, commitment and dedication to the sport.

“I was crying when I won the award, I wasn’t  expecting it at all. It felt good to know that my hard work has gone noticed,” Ashlyn said on winning the award.

- Bridget Durkin

Ashlyn Cleevely, Senior Staffer

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Ashlyn Cleevely