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Ally Viano
Most people know Ally Viano for her singing or her beautiful piano playing. But there’s one thing most people don’t know about Ally, she has a love for cheese.

“I consider myself a cheese connoisseur,” Viano first stated at the interview, but where did this love for cheese begin? “I enjoy it on most of the things I eat, my dad loves cheese too,” she said, “The more I enjoyed it, the more I would consume. Then the more interested in consuming different types of cheeses, I would become.”

She said that it’s difficult to find new cheeses to try.

“For example, the way I found my favorite cheese, fontinella. When I was little my Uncle Doug sat me down to try a cheese and I really liked it. He never told me the name. He just said it was an Italian cheese. But I was at a market in Cleveland and they had a cheese stand. So I described it to them and that’s how I found that cheese,” she said.

Most of the time she tries them when she goes to a store. She said she will often look up a cheese before she buys it.

Viano said she also enjoys making cheese platters.

“It’s my job at every holiday meal. You can buy sliced cheese, but I prefer to cut my own. Every platter has fontinella on it because it’s my favorite. I include a classic, like mozzarella, cheddar, or swiss. Then I mix it up. Sometimes I use a goat cheese, it’s like a spread. I also use a variation of crackers, oyster crackers and pita chips are always good to have. Sometimes I throw some grapes or olives in the middle, maybe some ham,” she said. 

The next thing she plans to conquer is fondue. She just received a new fondue maker for Christmas.

Viano said, “My fondue making is going very well,” she said, “the issue I’ve been having is that I haven’t stuck to recipes for fondue because it’s not just cheese. I don’t like to look at one recipe, I look at multiple and build my own. I’m not good at fondue yet. I’m still working on that art.”

To conclude, Viano said, “I just really like cheese. I like the art of cheese platters, I think they’re pretty. They’re aesthetically pleasing to my eye and my taste buds.” she told me. She ended the interview by saying, “I just really care about it.”

Ally Viano, Senior Staffer

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Ally Viano