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Many of us consider their best friend to be a person not related to them by blood, but to Aliyah this is just the opposite. She considers her sisters to be of more importance to her than her friends are and that is why she has such a close connection with them.

Lexi, her 21 year old sister, her best friend. She goes to her when she needs advice about anything or anyone. She is one to hold her secrets and not tell a single soul about her findings.

“When me and my parents have an argument about something, even something little, Lexi is always the one I lean on to talk to with because she used to be my age and understands how our parents can be,” said Aliyah.

Aliyah shares this special connection with Lexi because they both are interested in similar things.

“We both love the MARVEL series, so she’s the person I ask to go with me to the drive in movies with. This time together we are able to talk about things and become closer and closer with each other,” Aliyah claimed.

Asking her sister to do these activities with her is second nature and she is the first one she calls.

Though recently she’s had to face some obstacles because Lexi goes to college at Ohio State University, where they rarely see each other.

“Because Lexi is not home anymore I’ve had to spend more time with Alana. I thought we would fight all the time like we usually did when we were little, but eventually since we’ve spent time together and we live in the same house, we have come to tolerate each other. I realized it’s nice to have someone older and close to you to turn to, so I’ve been trying to be that person for Alana when she comes to ask for advice,” Aliyah noted.

Aliyah looks forward to the time she spends with her siblings, and hopes that they will remain close forever.

“My sisters are my best friends, and I hope that never changes,” Zoldan concluded.

Aliyah Zoldan, Senior Contributor

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