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Tyler Cole, Junior Contributor

As for many athletes, they all have a way of preparation and dedication to their beloved sport. A regular athlete many just go to practice a couple days a week and get a good night's rest before a game or just practice, but for Tyler Cole, he takes his work ethnic to another extant than the regular student athlete. He is looking to have a brighter season than his previous year being on the team.

“My previous year on the team was not that great, we had a cumulative  record of 4-9-3, well below .500. I’m hoping for a better outcome next year, the team looks a lot stronger than last year,” Cole said.

Soccer is a very long and enduring sport season wise so there is very little time to get things done.

“When soccer is in full kick [no pun intended], practice, weight lifting, games, you name it, I make sure to study on the bus and get my homework done.”

Tyler shows his dedication to the sport when he shares with us his off season training.

“When I'm not playing soccer for the high school or my club team I do run a lot, I eat healthy, make sure I drink tons of water and I do lift. I try to treat my body like a temple, the grind never stops.”

Cole is shown to be very dedicated to his sport.

“I’m trying to make all countries all district first team, and I want to be a leader and a role model for the upcoming team… a captain,” he said. 

I then asked Tyler what he is looking forward to next year and he said, “Well since it’s my senior year I'm hoping to go all out, we got some new kids and it brings a lot of potential to the team. I’m really hoping to make districts and get that W.”

Tyler sees a better and greater path on the future of his team.

Tyler Cole strives for greatness and there are no intentions of slowing down for him.

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Tyler Cole