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Of many hobbies, Toby’s favorite is lifting.  He is a middle linebacker and has to maintain his strength so he can continue to dominate opposing teams offensive lines. Lifting is not something that everyone easily gets into but Toby determination and push to get better makes it easy for him to lift weights and want to get stronger. 

Many kids play football because they are strong but don’t use their strength to be good. That is not the case for Toby.

Toby said, “I play a position that’s physical and use my hands a lot, and use a lot of power of blocks"

He continued,  “Lifting isn’t much of a skill, there's technique involved but I think it’s all about the mindset. When you're lifting you want to be locked, and that’s all in the head.”

I then asked Toby what he does before he works out to get him pumped. 

He said, “Most of the time I have my headphones the whole time I workout and depending on the day , I’m listening to either rock or meek mill.”

When asked what he does after a workout to keep building that muscle after lifting, Toby said, “After workouts and practices I try to eat a lot of carbs and protein to keep my weight up so I’m getting ill from the lift I had previously done.” 

He also avowed, “Always eat breakfast, no matter what you have to eat breakfast, usually for me it’s peanut butter toast and a banana or eggs.”

And of course I asked him what his max lifts were and he replied, “My squat is ,475, bench is, 345 , my dead-lift is , 615.”

All very impressive numbers, all lifts being just over 2 times body weight. These numbers don’t come easy.

Toby explained, “I’ve been lifting since probably 6 or 7th grade."

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Toby Smith