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Taylor Stansloski, Senior Contributor

Taylor Stansloski has devoted her time to many extracurricular activities. Dance, cheer leading, and school clubs are a few. In eighth grade, lacrosse caught her eye since most of her friends were playing it already starting in seventh grade. It has since then become what she is most passionate about.

“I played on junior varsity and varsity starting my freshman year which was a goal I had in middle school. It felt like a major accomplishment because in that moment, I believed that I found what I was truly good at,” Stansloski said.

She plays an aggressive offense and even helped lead the team to win the regional semi-finals in 2019. 

Over the years her and her teammates have became so close over our shared passion for lacrosse.

"We all are working towards a common goal which I believe has molded our friendships on and off the field” said Stansloski. 

She has gravitated towards the other girls on the team since they have played together almost every single day during the spring for the last 5 years. The bond they have created is like no other and will be remembered forever. Although spending multiple hours together per week, the girls find time to hang out outside of practice just for fun.

“My season this year will be the most exciting because I am a senior and get to be a leader of the team. I do feel the pressure a bit but am overall excited to play with my best friends,” said Stansloski.

She feels that her team will take on another victorious season. With the talent that these seniors and juniors bring to the table, Stansloski feels that her and her teammates' skills will push each other even further this season. She is hoping that their record is just as good, or even better than in previous years. 

Stansloski would love it if the students would come out to support them as she heads into her senior year and final season.

“The hard work will never stop for us,” she concluded.

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Taylor Stansloski