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Sophia Dundics, Junior Contributor

Childhood sports help define our character and give us guidance as to what we want to pursue in our later lives. For Sophie, volleyball was her passion, and she stuck with it as she grew up. As we grow up the sport we play leaves marks on us, physically and mentally, yet we continue to love that sport more and more. But, the challenging part is when we face times where the sport we love is no longer attainable to us due to an injury. Sadly, for Sophie her worst fears came true when she tore her meniscus in her knee. 

Volleyball was off the table after her accident. As a student athlete myself I couldn’t imagine how Sophie felt as the sport she loved was about to fade out of her life.

After talking to Sophie about how it felt when this was all happening she replied with, “I wasn’t ready to let that sport go and it felt like everything was going to change in my life.”

Even though this was one of the most challenging things Sophie has had to face in her life she has continued to be a hard worker and has been able to overcome her injury. 

This is Sophie’s first year not playing volleyball since she was in fourth grade. She still goes to support the Canfield High school volleyball team and watch them play as much as she can. While talking to Sophie she talked about how even though her recovery was hard it kept her mind off of missing volleyball. Sophie went through physical therapy for three months and had to do a lot of hard work to push through the recovery process. 

Sophie has always been outgoing, strong, and hardworking. She has grown up into a great person and Sophie said herself that volleyball definitely played a role in her character. Sophie has said multiple times that volleyball will continue to play a role in her life even if she isn’t on the court. 

“If you want it, go get it,” Sophie said.

That was a huge lesson she learned through volleyball and she wants to continue to live by that and someday hopefully be able to teach others the way she was taught. 

Overall, Sophie is a kind hearted person who has had to overcome an obstacle in her life that many people would fail at. It is very easy to give up, but for Sophie she learned from volleyball that giving up is not an option.

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December 9, 2021
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Sophia Dundics