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Sarah Grohovsky, Sophomore Contributor

A few words to describe Sarah Grohovsky include: beauty, brains, and brawn. Sarah is a sophomore at Canfield High School with a fun personality and a smile that can light up a room. 

Sarah’s kindness is a trait you are sure to notice. She is the type of person you can only just meet, but connect with instantly. Her warm personality makes her very easy to converse with and befriend.

Sarah is very athletic, She has swam on and off since middle school and has recently decided to start competing again. She knew she had to go back and once she did, she instantly had made more friends as well as it helped to upkeep her busy lifestyle. Her main events to compete are the backstroke and freestyle. 

She also enjoys lacrosse. Sarah started playing in 6th grade and has been a force on the field ever since. She plays midfield and faces all the action on the field. Sarah is very determined in lacrosse and constantly practices in and out of season, always adding new skills. She loves the sport so much that she wants to play in College.

Sarah also is very intelligent. Her favorite subject is math. She also takes Spanish which, as many know, her mom teaches here at Canfield. If she could change anything about school, she would make school start later.

Sarah likes to keep herself active and her schedule is always full. However, when she does get free time, she spends it playing with her two dogs: Luna and Izzy.  

When she is not at practice or relaxing at home, she is out with friends. Sarah loves going on new adventures and traveling with family and friends. She enjoys making memories and experiencing a carefree and fun lifestyle. 

When asked, Sarah said in five years, she said she will “hopefully [be] in college playing lacrosse” in school to become either a high school Spanish teacher or pilot.

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Sarah Grohovsky