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Parker Wilkins, Sophomore contributor

People experience setbacks and difficulties throughout their lives. Unfortunately, Parker Wilkins has had to overcome multiple injuries throughout her volleyball journey. This includes her battle with osgood-schlatters and a recent tear in her PCL. 

Wilkins explained that she has been playing volleyball for seven years.

She said, “I started playing volleyball in the fourth grade because my sister played and I just fell in love with the sport.”

She currently plays as a libero for Canfield High School and a club team, called Infinity. She was placed on team 2 for all district and broke the serve receive record.

While Wilkins had many accomplishments, she experienced a major set back: An injury to her knee, which benched her for multiple games. 

“This past year in school season, sophomore season, I partially tore my PCL, which majorly set back my school career because I had to go through a lot of physical therapy and couldn’t play in a lot of games and I even went back playing too early, causing me to double my physical therapy and I’ve had to wear a big knee brace,” said Wilkins. 

This is not the first knee injury she has experienced. She has dealt with osgood-schlatter disease since fifth grade. This is a painful lump under the kneecap, which is caused by repetitive running and jumping, during a child’s growth spurt.

“That caused a lot of physical pain and emotional because volleyball is like my outlet in life. One I love it, but it also lets me distract myself from everything and having to postpone that for the season and not being able to play really upset me. I felt like with my teammates it was letting them down,” she said.

While this was an unfortunate situation, Wilkins was able to learn from this injury.

She said, “Extra stretching and getting stronger, so my knee isn’t as vulnerable as it was and to never take volleyball for granted because it’s something I love and when I couldn’t do it I was very upset.”

Wilkins is excited for the upcoming season, especially since her previous club team lost part of their season, due to the pandemic. She expects it to be a good season.


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Parker Wilkins