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Nicholas Magliocca, Freshman Contributor

When you ask most people what they enjoy, they might say food, music, or fashion. But  for Nick Magliocca, the Cleveland Indians would be his answer. He loves watching them on TV and in the park.

Magliocca says he has liked the Indians since he was nine, and he said that “their play style, and the way they come out with a good attitude” is what he found fascinating.

Baseball has always been his favorite sport, and he was drawn to the Indians as his favorite team because they were the hometown team. Even though he has been a fan since he was nine, his first real life game experience happened when he was ten years old.

“I like the atmosphere, and the excitement brought by the fans,” said Maglicocca when asked about his favorite part of being at the games. “I love the intensity during close games, and the fun festivities that occur during breaks.”

While he loves the atmosphere and excitement at the games, the game of baseball itself is what he enjoys most, and what he fell in love with.

He has been watching the Indians for quite a long time and he has drawn connections to certain players. His favorite player is Carlos Carrassco. When asked why, Magliocca replied, “I love the heartwarmer stories. He had leukemia earlier this year, and he is back and pitching better than ever.”

While Magliocca has other interests, the Cleveland Indians will always have a special place in his heart.

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Nicholas Magliocca