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Morgan Schneider

Morgan Schneider, Senior Contributor

From volleyball to high jump to hanging out with friends and her boyfriend, Morgan Schneider has a busy schedule and busy life. She is always on the move and doing new things, filling up her time with the things that she loves doing. But for her, the most important aspect of her fast-paced life is volleyball.

For the past few months, she has been even trying to change her diet and began to really enjoy creating new foods that are healthy to eat.

Schneider said, “I’ve been trying to have a healthier lifestyle so I upped my cooking game and began to make smoothie bowls and salads.”

Her quarantine was quite different from others in that she was able to practice volleyball and train for the season “three days a week,” she said, while most were stuck at home.

Morgan takes working out very seriously.

She said, “I would wake up early and get into a routine of working out before volleyball.”

Her routines are very important to her, so she always fits time in for her boyfriend and friends. Outside of her sports, Morgan tends to do her own thing and “roll her own waves,” so that she is never tied down to anything she doesn’t want to be a part of. 

Morgan’s volleyball career began in middle school, and she played all throughout high school, taking a break for only her junior year.

Schneider said, “things weren’t working out in my favor so I decided to take a year off to improve my skills and come back even stronger for my senior year.”

Her senior year thus far has been different because of the virus, but she is enjoying playing and being able to be with her friends on her team.

Schneider said, “some people play the sport for the practices or to be able to be with friends, but for me it’s the games.”

Schneider loves the games, she enjoys playing in front of a crowd and getting a hit that no one expected or that saves the game. To her, that’s the best feeling in the world and she strives for that at each and every chance she gets.

Though she does high jump as well, it is a side sport for her and volleyball comes first; she always makes sure that she is focusing on that even with all of her other events going on.

When asked to use one word to describe herself, she said, “I am very competitive with a competitive drive and that influences everything I do.”

Morgan is a very passionate person, and is always trying to improve her lifestyle and be the best in what she does.

“Thank you and come watch the volleyball team this season,” she concluded. 

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Morgan Schneider