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Mia Flak

Mia Flak, Senior Contributor

A great deal of people struggle to find their true calling in life, causing many incoming college freshmen to begin their college careers without knowing what they intend to pursue. For senior Mia Flak, finding her calling in life has not been an issue.

“I’m very passionate about fitness and nutrition,” exclaimed Flak.

Free time in high school is not exactly easy to come by, especially while taking the courses that Mia is enrolled in this year. While many students spend their free time by engaging in activities such as sleeping, Flak decides to be as productive as she can be.

Flak said, “In my free time, I like to work out and to learn more about nutrition. After school I normally work out and then go straight to work.”

One of Mia’s strongest passions, fitness, has recently begun to be the center of focus within her life. Although Mia was able to discover her true passion in life, this realization had not come to her without facing a great deal of adversity and self doubt.

“I started working out seriously about two years ago. I decided that I needed a change in my lifestyle because I was not the person that I wanted to be. I wasn’t eating healthy, and I didn’t like the way I looked. So, I changed,” she said. 

Mia’s new lifestyle requires much attention to detail in what her daily diet looks like, as well as how she spends her time in the gym.

“I watch what I eat and try to cut out excess carbs. Eating healthier gives me more energy and makes me feel better,” she said. 

This type of drastic lifestyle change is not a simple one, showing Mia’s determination and willpower to make sure these strict regimens are followed upon. She has been able to follow through with her goals for the last two years, and does not show any signs of slowing down. She claims that this lifestyle has made her “stronger both mentally and physically.”

Mia hopes to pursue a career in fitness and nutrition in the future, as well as to continue her healthy lifestyle.

Another passion of Mia’s is softball, in which she plays on a travel team in the spring. Mia uses this healthy lifestyle to make sure she is in the best physical shape as possible to outplay her opponents, as well as to be in the best mental state for the game. 

 To discover one’s passion at such a young age is a remarkable feat, and is a testament to Mia’s mental strength and determination to be the best version of herself.

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Mia Flak