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Mallory Hughes, Senior Contributor

Mallory Hughes is a 17 year old student in Canfield High School. She is a senior this year. When asked "Who is Mallory Hughes?" She felt like it was too complex of a question.

“I feel like there’s not really one way I can describe myself,” she said. 

Mallory likes all kinds of music. She likes rap and hip hop music as well as alternative and indie music. Her favorite artists are The Neighborhood, Arctic Monkeys, Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar. She describes it as “A very complex taste in music.” 

Mallory is an only child, but she and her family are pretty close: “My mom’s like one of my besties. My dad’s pretty chill too.”

She mentioned, “I really don’t know any other way than being an only child. I’m sure when I was younger I wished that I had siblings, but I don’t think there was ever a time when I was playing that I thought, ‘I wish I had someone else.’”

Mallory babysits as her job: “Whenever people ask if I work and I say babysitting.. I get hated on because people think that babysitting is easy. But honestly, I think it’s kind of rough. You’re responsible for someone else’s kids.” 

Mallory is captain on the swim team. “I love swimming,” she said. “I’ve been doing it for ten years, maybe eleven. It’s like a big part of who I am I’d say.” 

In her free time, Mallory loves reading. She reads a bunch of different genres ranging from fantasy to romance. 

Mallory’s favorite school subject is English. She loves reading and writing and she’s pretty good at it, she would say. 

“When I wrote my research paper [In Honors English 10] it made me realize that I want to go into fashion journalism. I want to work for either vogue or another kind of fashion magazine. The major I’ll be studying in school is fashion media, so basically I can do anything with TV or writing. It’s pretty broad,” she said.  

When asked if fashion and writing are her passions, Mallory said, “I think so. I mean, if you would’ve asked my fifth grade self what my passion was I probably would’ve said that I was gonna work for NASA, but yeah I would say fashion and writing is my passion.”

- Diana Starr

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Mallory Hughes