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Malena Toth, Junior Contributor

16-year-old Malena Toth attends Canfield High School. She has had a passion for softball since an early age. She would describe herself as a very hard-working person. When Malena sets her mind to something she goes after her dreams. One example of this would be her trying to get into college for softball. She has been working at this for almost her whole life and still is pushing through to this day. 

Currently, Malena plays high school softball and also does travel ball for the Batbusters. Malena started playing softball when she was 3 years old but started travel ball at the age of 9. Malena and her team have great team chemistry and she would consider herself a great leader. 

When Malena was growing up she played basketball and also had a passion for it. In her freshman year of high school, she played and really enjoyed it. Recently she decided it was best to quit basketball and only focus on softball during her high school years. 

Someone that inspires Malena is her dad. Since she was little her dad always had her practicing softball and working towards it. Although at first softball was not her favorite sport she learned to love it after all the time she and her dad spent together practicing. Malena is glad that her dad pushed her or she wouldn’t be where she is today. Malena states a huge thank you is owed to her dad. Not only did she love the sport because of her dad but she also loves the position she plays. Currently, Melena is a pitcher and she plans to stay a pitcher for the rest of the time she plays softball. 

In the future, not only does Malena want to play college softball she also wants to do something in the medical field. Her mom is in the medical field so she feels as if that is always around her and it sparks an interest. As high school continues Malena wants to keep making memories with her friends, going to football games, and playing softball as those are some of her favorite high school memories thus far. 

- Natalia Santiago

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October 18, 2022
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Malena Toth