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Luke Dietz, Sophomore Contributor

After a monotonous day at Canfield High School when most of the student body gets to go home and relax, the case just isn’t the same for Luke Dietz. While being one of Canfield’s best swimmers, he also is maintaining an astounding 3.69 GPA. Dietz is nothing less than the definition of “student athlete” but, how does he keep a constant balance between the hardships of both his swimming and academic careers?

“The answer is quite simple,” Dietz stated. “I need to make sure I have a study hall, because for swim from when I get home I have about two hours before I have to get ready for practice, and then I go to practice and I don’t get back home until nine, leaving me little time to do my homework. Usually I do my homework right when I get home, and I’m hopeful I get a lot done in study hall.”

When asked what you do to study for exams and tests, Dietz’s implementation of studying into his daily routine was almost identical to other students at the school: “Well I do what every student does when in preparation for an exam, I study the night before for a couple of hours. I don’t study multiple days beforehand, it doesn’t help me. Plus I really don't have much time to study regardless.”

He was most certainly accurate about that, swimmers have a very small window out of the pool.

“Swim practice runs about six days a week at The Youngstown State University campus for two hours per day, with an additional hour of weightlifting three out of the four days before the school day even starts,” Dietz persisted. “I have very little free time.”

But with that little bit of free time, Dietz certainly doesn’t waste a single second of it.

Dietz stated that, “When I’m not swimming or at school, I usually try and go lift. But sometimes that doesn’t fall through, so really my main focus is just on homework.”

Even on the weekends, Dietz’s hardships don’t dissipate. His alarm still draws him from his sleep early in the morning while the most students get to sleep in.

“Most Saturdays I have swim meets, usually lasting anywhere from two to four hours.” Dietz stated. “Afterwards I'll try to maybe hang out with some friends, but I’m just really exhausted. Normally I’ll just go home and relax.”

For every meet this season, Dietz has never been under impressed with how the team performed.

“The guys team looks consistently good,” he stated. “The guys team every year makes state, and I think we will make it to state in relays this year too, even though the guys team is smaller than usual with only eight kids.”

Dietz’s high expectations don’t stop at the teams standards though, he pushes himself to achieve his own personal goals as well.

“Well considering that I made state last year, [as a freshman] I think I do have a chance of going to state this year in probably individuals and most likely two relays,” insisted Dietz. “We will just have to wait to see how I perform in the upcoming meets.” 

Dietz continues to strive to be the best at what he does in the pool and in the academic field, proving nothing less than how he is a student athlete here at Canfield High School.

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Luke Dietz