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Kahlan (Lynn) Wolf, Freshman Contributor

There are a lot of new faces in the hallways, who all bring their own unique interests and personalities to the new school year.

 Kahlan (Lynn) Wolf is among our incoming freshman class who brings their talent to the high school alongside a wonderful personality. Wolf has a passion for art and video games.

 “I’ve been drawing since the third or fourth grade. I’ve done both traditional and digital.” Wolf said.

Despite drawing for so long, Wolf explains that they have taught themselves and hasn’t taken any lessons. Wolf was unable to attend an art class this year but hopes that they can because, as they state, “ I mainly want to take them [art classes] so I can take Animation.” 

However, along with an interest in art and animation, Wolf also expresses a desire to play video games. An avid Minecraft player, Wolf was overjoyed at the prospect of joining a video game club or league through the high school, they exclaimed “They have one! I would definitely want to do that.” 

Wolf is enjoying their experience in the high school so far, even though the new year has only just begun.

They laughed, saying, “it was confusing” trying to get from class to class. This embodies the feelings the freshman class are going through right now as the school year gets into swing.

They said, “ I don’t have a favorite class right now since most of the classes aren’t going too much into anything since it’s been the first couple of days.”

Hopefully, towards the end of the month, Wolf will enjoy their new classes more and be a bit more settled. 

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Kahlan (Lynn) Wolf