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Jeffrey Shaughnessy, Senior Contributor

Most teens you meet today watch Youtube, and there are some teens that create their own content. Jeffrey Shaughnessy is one of those teens.

“I created my Youtube channel at the end of seventh grade, I was only 12 years old and made gaming videos,” said Shaughnessy.

Now, almost five years later, Shaughnessy has not quit making content. 

Now Jeff being seventeen and in his senior year of highschool, he has over 100 videos, 740 subscribers, and a total of 61,752 views.    

From seventh grade to senior year Jeff’s videos have ranged from gaming videos, music videos, vlogs and pranks. When Jeff first started off he was alone, but soon enough his friends joined him in making Youtube videos. 

“As of now this just something I do, but if a possible career came out of it, I would take it,” he stated. “There is definitely inspiration like Danny Duncan and NELK, just different Youtubers that like to have fun and be themselves, and make a career out of it.” 

Jeff's favorite video he has made has been with all of his friends.

“There was so much that happened in just one video,” he elaborated. 

“First we made a pool in the back of my friends truck. In the same video, my friends and I dressed up as fake pizza delivery men. Later the cops came but we didn’t get into any trouble,” said Jeff. 

“Most of the stuff I do is all legal, it’s not society's norm, but its legal. We make sure can do what we want to do and not get in trouble for it,” he continued. 

He simply concluded with, “On a mission, failure is not an option.”

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Jeffrey Shaughnessy