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Hope Zagotti

Hope Zagotti, Senior Contributor

Hope Zagotti is a kind-hearted, ambitious, motivated, and dynamic personality. She doesn’t let fear or obstacles come in the way of her school or personal life. An example of this would be Zagotti moving to Canfield in 8th grade, 2015, from St.Charles in Boardman. This was a big change, moving from a Catholic school to a public school, but Zagotti said it was a good change.

“Public school is much bigger than Catholic school, space and people wise. It gave me more opportunities to make friends. Also, I am able to express the way I dress rather than wearing a uniform everyday. Did you know that we had uniforms for gym too? It was awful.” 

As a senior, Zagotti is glad that she made the move from Catholic school to public school because of the friendships and relationships that she's created. 

Zagotti works in a window position at Broad Street Diner in Canfield. She does everything — from helping at the front, to the prep work, cooking, and cleaning up the dishes. You name it, she's done it! After a tiring day at work, Zagotti likes to hang out with her friends, express her artistic abilities, and practice her new commitment of learning piano. 

On top of her crazy life, Zagotti has the responsibility of being a role model to her younger brother, Ryan. A piece of advice Zagotti would give to her freshman brother would be: “Don’t stand in the middle of the halls.”

On a more serious note, Zagotti said, “Try your best, take things seriously, because it’s important for the rest of your life.” 

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Hope Zagotti