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Grace Min, Sophomore Contributor

Sometimes people aren’t sure what they are interested in, or what they want to do in the future. It can be a very scary and unpredictable time, especially if no plan or thought has gone into it. Grace Min, on the other hand, has had her future planned from a very early age.

Grace Min is a busy student and is very productive most of the time: she is in a lot of advanced classes and participates in speech and debate. She doesn’t get much free time, but if she does find a few moments to relax, she typically sleeps, bakes, or reads fantasy or fiction books.

Despite how busy Grace is in her day-to-day life, she has had plenty of time to plan her future, ”I have had this planned out since like sixth grade,” Min said excitedly. 

She also mentioned how she is very interested in law, so in order to become good at public speaking, she participates in speech and debate. Min said that before her debate rounds, she gets very nervous or anxious, but when she starts speaking, it goes away.

She is really into philosophy and politics, but ideally, Grace said, ”as a basic standpoint I want to get my undergraduate degree in like finance or economics or something like that” she told me while chuckling.  She hopes to end up going to a law school to pursue corporate law in the future.

Grace would describe herself as compassionate, and she tries to be as nice to people as she can. She is altruistic, as she is unselfish or selfless, and eccentric, as she is kind of strange and even said it herself that,”.. its very very hard to find someone who is like me”, as she views herself as being a little different.

Min said that her biggest accomplishment or goal was ”being more honest with myself…”

She also explained that she tends to suppress or ignore something, instead of confronting it directly, which she intends to work on.

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Grace Min