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Grace Cummings

Grace Cummings, Junior Contributor

A face that you might see while walking down the hallways is Grace Cummings, a multi-talented performer that comes from a very artistic background. She is involved in flagline, drama and the choir here at Canfield High school. 

Grace also has a very diverse background. She was originally born in South Korea, and when she was only five months old she was adopted and brought here to the states.

As Grace grew up she took on dance and was training professionally but unfortunately had to quit because it got “too much with high school so I just went off and this is not what I wanted to do."

Before Grace came to Canfield, she went to Valley Christen school but didn’t feel like she was able to be at her full potential at the school.

When Grace was a freshman, she transferred to Canfield and has felt it has been a better “gateway” for her because Canfield offers AP and CC courses.

Another opportunity that Canfield has to offer is flagline. Grace was very happy to know that Canfield offers flagline because when she had to quit dancing this was like another chance for her to dance again while also meeting new people that share the same passion that she does at Canfield. 

Grace wants friends to know that she is always there for them in the very highs and the very lows. She wants to be a guide for them and help them wherever they are in their life right now. This fits right in with what she wants to be when she grows up which is a psychologist. 

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Grace Cummings