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Erin Homrighausen

Erin Homrighausen, Junior Contributor

Erin Homrighausen is a junior at Canfield High School, who is adjusting to the new hectic school year. She describes herself as a very hard working and joyful person. 

She currently works at Core Life Eatery and works up to 45 hours a week. With the new school year and her job, she is trying to find some balance.

She said, "Sometimes, between school and work, getting everything that I need to get done in a given day can be very stressful."

She still manages with her busy schedule to get everything that she needs done and on time. Now that she is an upperclassman, there are bigger expectations and she knows that there are no more excuses for mess-ups. 

She also has very big shoes to fill in her family. Her oldest brother is currently deployed in South Korea for the next 3 years. This can be a very challenging situation for Erin at times but she is very proud of her brother. She also has another older brother who just graduated from Canfield High School. She also has a twin sister. Seeing what her brother has accomplished motivates her to be the best version of herself and always helps her stride to be the best possible person she can be.

At times she would describe herself as very inconsistent, but throughout her junior year, she really hopes to be able to improve upon this and find some consistency. She realizes that as adulthood approaches, she must approve upon this. 

In the future and after high school, she wants to go to cosmetology school or become a tattoo artist. These are the two options that she has explored and set her mind to.

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October 18, 2022
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Erin Homrighausen