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Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson, Sophomore Contributor

Screaming crowds, the scent of fresh air, and the feeling of a ball hitting a lacrosse stick. That is what incoming sophomore lacrosse player, Emily Wilson lives for. 

Emily has taken her turn experimenting with other sports, but fell in love with lacrosse in the sixth grade. To her, lacrosse is much more than an after school extracurricular, it is a way of life. 

Through many trials and tribulations, Emily has overcome then all to play lacrosse as a year round sport. As a sophomore, she aspires to make the varsity squad, and immerse herself within the recruitment process. 

Emily has always pushed herself above and beyond what’s required, she even plays at a club in Cleveland, during what others may consider the “off-season”. She lives by the quote, “Work is hard, distractions are plentiful, and time is short," by author Adam Hochschild. 

Emily’s quiet and reserved personality disappears when it’s game time, and she turns on her alter ego; and becomes a beast of a player. She loves to celebrate the big points, and is always her team’s biggest supporter,

“I love to make the game as fun as possible, and with celebrating, you can never not have that fun factor,” said Emily. 

Attending the Michigan State University to play lacrosse is one of Emily’s biggest goals, and she knows she has a lot to do before then. She puts in the work in the classroom and on the field in hopes to prepare for her junior recruitment year. Emily never strays away from a challenge, and is always ready for the unexpected. 

Emily’s biggest moment in her lacrosse career was when they were in the eighth grade when they beat Jackson on our home field.

“The intensity of the game was unreal, it went into double overtime and it was only 30 degrees out. We all wanted to win, and we took that determination and ran with it.”

Emily finished her story with an exciting and memorable ending: not only did Canfield win, but she scored the winning goal.

“It was absolutely the best moment in my life, and I’ll never forget the look on the Jackson girl’s faces,” Emily concluded. 

Though many underestimate Emily and the game of lacrosse, she never disappoints when showing the doubters what’s what. Emily Wilson has worked harder than ever to prepare for her biggest season yet, and she is ready to show Canfield what it takes to be a lacrosse player.

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Emily Wilson