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Ellie Cruz, Senior Contributor

Hair dye, ripped jeans, and anger for the school system can all be used to describe a typical angsty high schooler. Leadership, poetry, and a concern for safety might not come to mind immediately, unless senior Ellie Cruz is the student in question.

“My parents used to put a lot of pressure on me. Now that I’ve opened up about what the school system is like for us, they’ve let up more - it’s completely different from what theirs used to be, even when I ask my dad for homework help,” said Cruz.

The pressure to achieve straight A’s is not the only faucet of high school that Cruz has a problem with.

“I think they should listen to the students and their opinions and thoughts about what they feel is right and wrong with the school system. It’s our education, we need to feel safe,” Cruz continued.

She went on to explain her love for writing poetry, and discussed her plans for her future as it relates to the education system.

“I want to have a respectable career where I can be creative, and experience life. When they make cuts to music programs and art programs they’re cutting down on students’ creativity,” said Cruz.

“I value experiences more than grades and I think that should be more accepted. Being human means going in your own direction and not following anybody else in society because if you do follow everybody else you’re not living. That’s not being human that’s being somebody else,” she elaborated.

Cruz looks ahead fondly to her desired career of architecture, something she hopes will allow her to be original and analytical at the same time.

She concluded simply, “F*** Common Core. It sucks.”

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Ellie Cruz