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Ellie Accordino

Ellie Accordino, Junior Contributor

For many students at Canfield High School, socializing within a specific club or extracurricular activity is extremely typical. However, Ellie Accordino has a few different insights as to what goes on here at Canfield.

In relation to the bulk of the student body, Ellie participates in multiple different organizations such as, The National Honor Society, Leos Club, and the Executive Board of the junior class. “Any student would agree with me by saying that it is hard to keep yours grades up, especially with AP courses,” Ellie said. She currently withholds an outstanding grade point average and is constantly trying to improve. She also stated, “I am constantly busy trying to juggle school work and sports but it ends up being worth it”.

Even with these numerous academic activities involved in Ellie’s life she finds a way to compete in an exceptionally difficult sport. Ellie has been playing soccer since she was six years old and has never taken a break since then. “You definitely need to have a good mentality to do well in soccer. There are always so many challenges you just have to deal with,” Ellie said.

Ellie’s normal routine consists of school, three different clubs, and soccer which can be immensely difficult as these commitments build up.

Starting at recreation leagues at such a young age to being on the Canfield High School team as well as a club team called Soccer Vision Academy has brought Ellie a long way. “I have been with SVA for most of my soccer career  which takes up most of my time but it is why I am so competitive,” Ellie said. Although Ellie’s two different seasons are quite different she enjoys both in different ways. “Playing for club is for sure harder because there is better competition but playing for your high school is fun in the sense of being surrounded by the people you have grown up with,” Ellie said.

Ellie has set high goals for her Canfield team as their season is just beginning. When asked why she puts herself through all this work, her response was as simplistic as could be, “It makes me happy”.

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Ellie Accordino