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Delaney Pallo

Delaney Pallo, Senior Contributor

Canfield High school is known for having hardworking  and Passionate students. Delaney Pallo is one of them. Delaney is a Senior who juggles many activities on top of her academic work. This includes: Cheer, Lacrosse, Drama, Speech and Scouts.

Besides focusing on school work and her sports, Delaney loves to volunteer.

One thing Delaney volunteers for is Scouts.

 Pallo said,” Scouts is an organization that enables youth leadership and participation in events like summer camps, canoe trips, and other high-adventure outings.”

She has been a member of the Scouts since February of 2019 and is part of the first female troop in Canfield. She joined as soon as they offered this new and exciting opportunity, and they are always accepting new members!

 She said,”the goal is to mold young people into good citizens.”

Delaney also volunteers for the little cardinals cheerleader squad. She volunteers as a coach for the fifth and sixth graders typically two times a week. She spends her free time developing a routine and cheers for them to perform at halftime football games.

“The reason why I started coaching was to help them prepare for middle school cheer,  and i want them to have a fun time,” Pallo said.

With all these events going on, Delaney still makes time for herself. She self-taught herself  to play the ukulele  in her sophomore year of high school. She started playing ever since.

“Playing the ukulele made me happier and helped me feel stress free. I seemed to pick it up quickly,” she said.

Her favorite part is playing and learning everyday songs you hear on the radio.

In Delaney's future, she is determined to strive for success. Pallo is ready to continue the memories from her high school years.

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Delaney Pallo