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Chloe Deak, Junior Contributor

There are countless ways to express one’s inner self. Whether it be through writing, speaking aloud, playing an instrument or perhaps a sport, every individual has their own way of showing the world who they are. 

For Chloe Deak, her way of expression is through her artwork. 

Art has been a part of Chloe’s life ever since she can remember, and she claims that it has shaped her to become the young adult that she is today.

“Both of my parents have been artists for a very long time,” Deak said, “it was as if art was sort of destined for me to try and eventually learn to love enough to become a passion. I truly couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without it.”

Deak believes that expression by artwork is so complex that it draws the attention of people who will take the time to think about the work, ideas, and emotions behind each piece. 

“One of the best things about art is that anyone can create their own story behind any piece of work. I might have my own reasons for something that I produce, but I hope and firmly believe that others who see it can find a way to relate to it and make of it whatever they want,” Deak said.

Chloe creates art through all sorts of mediums, including painting with watercolors and oils or drawing utilizing charcoal and pastels. She feels as if any way she can exhibit her ideas and talent is meaningful no matter the kind. 

Chloe explains, “This is my personal way of relaxing and finding my ‘happy place’. Some find art projects to be stressful, but I enjoy the thought of not knowing what I am going to make next or not knowing where to start. Because eventually when it does come to me, it flows and it’s hard for me to stop.”

Deak said that she loves to learn from other artists, whether they are famous artists, her parents, or even the people that surround her on a daily basis.

“I hope that more people can find that what I love to do might be something made for them too. Beyond any art shows and fair displays, I wish to see more publicity of how powerful it can be. It is a part of me and I am so thankful to have something that allows me to just be myself,” Deak concluded.

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Chloe Deak