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Chad Kollar, Senior Contributor

When asked about what he most enjoys, one thing immediately jumped out to Chad Kollar: movies. While this seemed clear and well-defined to him, it doesn’t take much knowledge to know that this is a relatively broad subject to be interested in, so he explained further. 

“I’m a big fan of movies,” he said, explaining his specific passion for cinematography. He noted differences in camera-work between a number of directors and explained that, while he isn’t very well-versed in the subject, it’s one that fascinates him.

With a laugh, he admitted that he can sometimes get a little bit too interested in a film.

“When I watched The Hateful Eight I just kinda talked about that for three days straight, it was rough,” he said. 

Aside from his interest in the arts, Chad also enjoys creating some art of his own. He explained that he had recently taken an art class in school, but that he wished he had taken more. He noted his specific love for drawing, saying that he enjoyed taking on large projects depicting realistic figures as well as expressing an interest in more cartoony styles. 

When asked about his academic pursuits, Chad explained his perspective on school, “I’m not super worried about school. I try to get good grades in my classes and I work hard, but at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter too much if I get a bad grade on my math test. I’m more worried about the people.”

He noted a focus on the relationships he makes with people over an academic focus. He plans to attend Youngstown State University to pursue engineering.

Overall, Kollar simply hopes to have a positive impact on those he interacts with.

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