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Bridget Fekety, Junior Contributor

When asked to describe herself as quickly as possible, Bridget paused for a moment and then said, “I am a creative, intelligent person who loves to put myself out there and talk to people.”

These qualities help Bridget in her high school career, especially in her love for writing.

“Ever since second grade, I have been absolutely enthralled with writing,” she said. 

Bridget’s love for writing only progressed when she joined “Power of the Pen,” a middle school writing group.

She said, “That was the first time, other than people telling me that I was good at writing, I really felt like I was in love with it because I started seeing that other people who weren’t close to me liked my work.”

Bridget wants to continue writing in college and eventually become a part-time author writing stories for others. 

Speech and Debate plays an important role when it comes to strengthening her writing skills. Bridget participates in “Informative Speaking.” Being in this category has not only strengthened her overall writing abilities (grammatical errors, etc.) but has allowed her to understand how to make this previously unfamiliar writing understandable to her audience.

“Speech and Debate is quite literally writing a speech, as in I am talking to people while informing, not informing and assuming someone is reading. Although that difference may seem little to many, it can completely change how you approach and word entire paragraphs in your piece of work,” said Bridget. 

Although writing takes up most of Bridget’s time, she is also involved in the choral music program. Bridget is very honored to be a Soprano 1 in the One Octave Higher Choir, directed by Kelly Scurich. This has been an amazing experience in her high school career.

Bridget said, “I think music has impacted my high school experience most through the relationships I’ve made from it. Joining an upper choir was very daunting at first, but I made so many friendships and bonds with people I didn’t know existed or whom I never expected would like me."

Although Bridget doesn’t get much free time, she spends time away from school with her family, as they are the most important thing in her life. Bridget has two other siblings, her sister, who is a freshman in college, and her brother, who is a freshman in high school. She has a special bond with her brother, as she always sees him and spends a lot of time with him. Quality time with her family is an important aspect of her life.

“We make sure to have dinner together every single night, that’s a must. We never have anyone eating alone,” she said.

Although Bridget’s plans for the college are unclear, she would like to leave Canfield.

She concluded, “Being a writer, I also feel like I’m obligated to experience other places and put myself into other people’s shoes.”

Bridget would love to move to New York and experience what it has to offer for her.

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Bridget Fekety