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Brianna Carney, Senior Contributor

Brianna Carney is a 17 year old girl from Canfield, currently in her senior year of highschool at CHS. She is kind, funny, and compassionate, with a strong love for her family and animals. 

Growing up, her family and pet dog ,Max, have always been the two most important things that she values in her life. Since Bri can remember her big italian family has spent large portions of time together at least once or twice a week at her grandmother's house. When speaking about her family she said, “ Growing up with such a close knit family has helped shape me into the person that I am today and the things that I tend to value most in my life.”

Every Sunday night her family goes to spend quality time at her grandmother's house to have delicious homemade dinners. Usually Brianna will help her grandmother make her famous homemade Carney Family spaghetti but she has also switched it up with other recipes like stir fry and more. 

Helping her grandmother cook so much has made Bri become quite familiar with some of her recipes and has also made her acquire a passion for cooking. She wants to be able to make the same delicious recipes for her own family one day and continue on her grandmothers traditions. 

After dinners her family will usually play cards and other fun board games to spend quality family time and have long discussions about what's been going on in each other'ss lives.

Brianna said, “ Having such a close big family has given me a strong support system like no other and has helped shape the morals that I have today, as well as the decisions that I make on a daily basis.”

Besides having such a close bond with her family she has also developed a strong bond with her dog over the years that has made her love for animals grow immensely. She loves playing with her maltipoo pup and taking care of him. 

During the interview she added in that, “A few years ago there was an incident where Max tore his acl and I had to take care of him until my family and I took him to the vet.”

Taking care of her dog has made her love for dogs and all animals in general blossom. Eventually persuading her to look into a career path involving veterinary school. As of now she hopes to become a veterinarian that gets to take care of animals just like her sweet dog, Max.

Although she is not one hundred percent sure she will be going into veterinary school she does know that she wants to pursue a career that involves taking care of people or animals. Her compassionate and caring personality has stemmed off of her relationship with her family and has made her come to the conclusion that taking care of others is what she'd enjoy doing with her life. As well as continuing on that kind of close relationship with a family of her own and of course continuing on her grandmother's exquisite family recipes!


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Brianna Carney