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Ava Nohra

Ava Nohra, Sophomore contributor

In the beginning of high school most students have no clue what they want to do when they grow up. However, Ava Nohra already has plans for what she wants to do for a living. 

When asked about her hobbies, Ava was very passionate about traveling. This love for traveling has led her to want to go into international relations when she grows up.

Nohra said, “I definitely see myself traveling and I want to experience new things”.

As of now, Ava has traveled to many different states in the US and also a few different countries. She mostly travels with her family. Her favorite country she has visited so far was Aruba. This was her first time on an island which she said was super exciting. She also loved going to the beaches and enjoyed the warm weather. 

While she enjoyed the warm weather in Aruba, she is a fan of all different climates and especially the activities that come with them. When visiting Colorado she mentioned how she enjoyed snowmobiling and in Aruba she liked the beach.

She said, “I love dealing with things that have to do with nature… It inspires me and makes me want to travel more”.

Ava says she loves traveling because “It allows me to experience new things, I can see different cultures and food hits different in different places.” 

With the pandemic and limited travel, Ava didn’t get to travel as much as she hoped. While traveling wasn’t as easy as it was in the past, her family still managed to travel to Texas and Colorado, allowing Ava to see 2 new places with different cultures. 

For the future, Ava wishes to travel to different countries in Europe and continue to travel wherever her job may take her. 

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Ava Nohra