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Who is Anthony Scarmack?

Anthony is someone who loves to help others and the community, finding family and friends to be one of the most important things.

“I really like to be a part of my community- help all those that are in need and stuff like that, that’s something that’s really big about me. Another big thing that I do and really enjoy is like- my family, my friends. They really have made a huge impact in my life, especially in these last couple of years for sure,” Anthony said. “Tell me a little bit about yourself”, I had to say it’s my friends and family that make me who I am, just because they have such a big impact on me.”

Anthony also takes part in many other things, such as a new job at Starbucks, being in Drama Club, and helping to run the school choir Instagram account.

He has done Drama Club since his freshman year, and is very excited to get back into it this year, and has even done it before high school.

“I’ve always been someone to be presented on stage, just something I’ve always enjoyed doing,” Anthony said.

He speaks about how supportive everyone is in drama, and that this year they’re doing a play that has never been done before here. It ran in London for almost 70 years, only stopping during the pandemic. It’s a murder mystery, and something new for everyone watching at Canfield High School this year, and a new experience for the people in the drama club to look forward to.

Anthony has also just started a new job at Starbucks, previously working at Giant Eagle since 2019.

“I am excited for it because, again, it’ll be a new experience and stuff like that- I just feel like I’ve been eager for that. Again, stressful times but I feel like I’m someone that works good under pressure. And like I said, I’m always open for a challenge and open to new experiences, always,” Anthony said.

Hopefully, this new year will go well for everyone.

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Anthony Scarmack