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Anthony Biondillo, Senior Contributor

What truly makes a man?

Christopher Nolan's Batman, for one, famously said that "It's what you do that defines you."

If Batman is to be believed, then senior Anthony Biondillo is the closest thing Canfield High School has to Samuel L. Jackson. Or The Incredible Hulk. 

Biondillo may be best known for his record-length sophomore research paper and perhaps less so for his state and national debate tournament qualifications. He's even been to Disney World. 

But many may not know that Anthony Biondillo is buff.

Whoops. Scratch that. Biondillo is A buff. A film buff, to be exact. 

"What can I say? I love movies. It's that simple. I eat movies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I can't get enough," he said. 

According to Biondillo, his grandmother gave him a used VHS copy of the 1996 tornado-centric thrill ride Twister when he was just two years old. 

"From what I can remember, the box was a little bit beat up, but it wasn't so damaged that I couldn't see the pictures of the movie's stars, Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, running from a tornado. I didn't have to think about it really. Instinct took over. Paxton is a snack. So I ate the box," Biondillo said.  

As he grew, Biondillo progressed from eating VHS boxes to plastic DVD cases. Even though they're harder to come by these days, he still gets the occasional hankering for a Disney VHS clamshell case. 

He admits that eating movie boxes and cases is an odd habit worthy of My Strange Addiction, but he's not worried about how he'll be perceived once this information goes public. 

"On the scale of things that are bad for me, this is pretty low. It's not like I'm eating the tapes and DVD... I mean, I have done that. Tapes from the 80's are actually really good... Anyway, the cases are fine. My doctor says it's fine...," he said. 

As Biondillo gets ready to wrap up his senior year and set his sights on college, he understands that people who don't know him might have trouble accepting his habit, but he has a plan to win them over. 

"We can watch the movie! I love the boxes, don't get me wrong, but the movies are great, too! I plan to bond with my roommates and new friends through the movies I love and hopefully they love, too. And while they eat popcorn, you know what I'll be eating."  

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