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Anna Dudash, Senior Contributor

To some, leaving friends and family for an entire year on a foreign exchange may seem hard, but to Anna Dudash, being a foreign exchange student meant something special. Dudash’s freshman year, she met her best friend Felia Busk and Felia inspired Anna to go on her exchange with Rotary.

“It’s an extremely long process, you have to get almost every record of yourself you own and you have to get your passport, your Visa to live in that country, and a known address to get your Visa,” Dudash claimed.

And after about a semester in Cagli, Marche, Italy, Anna had decided to leave Rotary early and come home. 

Anna said, “At one point, I just had a feeling to come home and I think it was the best decision for me.” 

She came home to her family, her friends, and her dog Ronnie, who is her best friend.

“Ronnie is a Chihuahua Yorkie, probably mixed with something else, and he’s 9 years about to be 10 in September,” Anna added.

Anna loves Ronnie so much, she mentions a few little things Ronnie loves to do. She said, “Whenever I change my sheets on my bed, he’ll be the first one to  jump on them and play around in them and like go under my blankets and just like mess around on my bed.” 

Ronnie is loved by everyone who sees him and he also has an Instagram account which is run by Anna, his username is “Ronaldpdudash” and he posts selfies of himself.

“And he always likes going on car rides with me because he knows he’ll  get a puppacino off it,” Dudash concluded.

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Anna Dudash