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Amy Zarbaugh, Senior Contributor

In the status quo, the traditional methods to cope with anxiety include listening to calming music, relaxing or even reading a book. 

Amy, a seventeen year old senior at Canfield High School who loves pizza and whose favorite color is currently blue, has found non-traditional methods to help her.

“I mostly play video games… which eliminates my nerves, I like to just play video games because they drown my thoughts out,” said Amy.

The video games that Amy enjoys usually consist of “first person shooters” such as Call of Duty: Overwatch which for many may further their anxiety but for Amy, it’s actually become one of her favorite pastimes and a helpful coping mechanism.  

“My overthinking and my thoughts disintegrate,” said Amy.

Amy further says that another thing that soothes her anxiety is music. But similarly, the music she is interested in is seen as non-traditional for calming someone down.

“Anything to just help me think of something else,” said Amy.

Her favorite “anything” is Twenty One Pilots who typically produce more unrestrained, high energy music that defy the status quo by comforting Amy’s anxiety.

Finally, the biggest comfort that Amy has is also her love language: touch.

“In my family, we love to give hugs and receive hugs… I do miss giving my friends and family hugs,” said Amy.

For some people, touch can further their anxiety but luckily in Amy’s case, it allows her to show her love as well as feel it, too.

Although her methodology is unusual in contrast to the status quo, but regardless, it makes Amy feel like Amy.

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Amy Zarbaugh