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Alexandria Crans

Alexandria Crans, Junior Contributor

Artistic, eloquent, and passionate. Three words to describe Alexandria Crans. While Crans may seem like just another girl from Canfield, there is much more to her than that.

She was adopted from Russia when she was a child and says that, “Being adopted, especially from a different country, puts a completely different outlook on life, thinking about where I could have been or what my life would be like is enough to be grateful for many things that other people may take for granted.''

When facing various struggles in her life, she likes to put out her thoughts in more of a creative aspect. Crans is an artistic person, who enjoys to let out emotion through painting, drawing, etc. 

She genuinely stated that, “Art allows me to be myself and has been an outlet for me when I am having bad days, or to just focus on being creative after being surrounded by people who act the same.”

When it comes to public speaking, Crans has it down pat. Since her freshman year, she has been involved in Speech and Debate and has stuck with her same category, dramatic interpretation. 

Crans has won numerous trophies in said category, and has even received a letter in speech for her accomplishments as well.

When asked what she is passionate about, the first thing that came to mind was women’s rights.

Crans fervidly stated, “Since I was a young girl, women’s rights have always played a big role in my life.”

She went on to describe how her favorite movie character and actress, Emma Watson (a.k.a Hermione Granger), always stood up for the rights of women, and she has a lot of respect for Watson’s views.

Crans concluded, “I will always stick up for everything I believe in, and I will always stay that way.” 

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Alexandria Crans