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Alanna Lawson, Sophomore Contributor

Many people have different goals in life that they want to achieve, and some of these goals involve their future beyond high school. Whether it is their future job or things that they want out of life everyone wants to succeed at these goals. 

For Alanna Lawson one of these goals in particular is very important to her.


“Throughout the recent years I’ve realized how lucky I am to have traveled to a lot of different places. I have seen a lot of beautiful places. I’ve gone to Hawaii, Bermuda, and Turks and Caicos,” said Lawson. 

Lawson is personally grateful for getting the opportunity to travel to these places, and she hopes to experience this on her own.

“Right now it’s all been for my family and in the future when I’m older I hope that I can do that for myself, and if I have my own family I can allow them to experience the places that I have,” said Lawson

While this big goal is important to Lawson’s future there are other smaller goals within that she hopes to achieve. Like visiting more city oriented places. 

Lawson said, “...I enjoy going to the beach, so I still like going to see all those places because I think those areas are really beautiful… but I feel like in cities you see more of like other people's lifestyles. That would be a goal for me.”

When asked if there were any other places she would like to see Lawson was more than happy to say a few.

“I want to travel to Europe, I want to go to Greece, Italy; France I’d like to go see all those places, so that’s more city-like,” Lawson said.

Lawson’s true inspiration and passion for traveling comes from her family, and Lawson wants to achieve her traveling aspirations like her family has.

“ own family like my parents, and my aunts and uncles, and cousins we all enjoy taking family vacations together. It's a really good way for us all to meet up and just have those experiences with one another, and they are very valuable moments,” she concluded. 

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