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Zoe Guzman
Music is less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle for Canfield High School student, Zoe Guzman. At only 16 years old she landed a job booking gigs at a concert venue, she participates in and is vice president of her school's concert choir program, writes original music, and listens to the work of others.

When listening to music she gravitates towards music that reflects her own writing style. In her own words she simply said, “I like music to be raw and emotional because that’s the kind of music that I like to write.”

When singing alongside an instrument, Zoe said, “Guitar is my go to instrument when it comes to accompaniment.”

The confidence that she has gained through her constant musical performances is also put to use by her participation in speech and debate.

“Dramatic interpretation involves acting and performing,” both of which require confidence. Lucky for Zoe music has allowed her to build her confidence.

Music impacts every aspect of her life; it is in school with her, it’s at work, and it’s in her free time, and that’s how she wants it to be.

Music is her outlet and she is able to access it in several ways throughout her average day.

Zoe concluded, “Music is a part of everything I do and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Zoe Guzman, Junior Contributor

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