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Zachary Russo
From the moment we are born we automatically share a connection with our parents. Family and friends typically compare us to the physical appearance and mannerisms that our mother or father may also possess, ultimately leading to nicknames under the parent you best portray. For Zachary Russo, he has been, and will always be a momma’s boy.

Since he could remember, he always admired his mother, Melissa Russo. He describes her as “determined, hardworking, and possesses a go-getter attitude.”

Zach also explained how he admires her selflessness even after undergoing a tough childhood.

“She went through a lot of hardship early in her life. I think it shaped her into who she is. Well, she shaped herself into who she wanted to be. I really admire her for creating such an amazing life for herself given the cards she was dealt. It does not matter if it was going to benefit her or not, she just always want to give it her all. ”

Russo and his two brothers, Kevin and Andrew, have always been close to their mom. But, Zach was a mini Missy. His cousins would constantly tease him around the holidays calling him “Momma’s Boy.” As he grew older, he took this less as an insult and more of a compliment for his caretaker and teacher have transitioned into his best friend.

When asked what their relationship will look like with the transition between high school and college, he proceeded to laugh and said, “I really try not to think about it. I hope I don’t go too far away because my mom, and family in general, is really important to me.”

He and his mom love to shop, run errands, and hang out together at home. When asked what he would tell his mom, he concluded, “I love you. You are a queen. Thank you for everything.”

Zachary Russo, Junior Contributor

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