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Taryn Rothbauer
Student at Canfield High School, Taryn Rothbauer finds ways to combine passions of politics and school activity through the debate program in school.

“I'm into a lot of things. I'm into speech and debate it into politics, art, and piano.”

Rothbauer has been involved with the speech and debate team for four years at Canfield High School and has a reputation for success.

Although not affiliated with any sort of political group Rothbauer still remains as a presence in the political scene.

“I go to a lot of political rallies especially during the election I would volunteer quite a bit.”

Exposure and unbiased knowledge of current events are essential to maintaining her current winning streak in debate.

“When you're in debate you can't have your opinions affect how you argue because you have to be willing to argue both sides so we have to leave our opinions at the door. You  needing to research your topic my opinions and know exactly what you are talking about allows me to form a more educated opinion on what we are talking about.”

Strong in her political views Rothbauer has not allowed for other to directly influence her views but have broadened her thoughts on different topics. It's her own research that has changed a few of these opinions.

“We are doing a topic on taxation right now and I don't think anyone else's opinions have influenced mine but I think research in it and knowing exactly what is being taxed and why has swayed my opinions on taxation and tax cuts.”

Taryn Rothbauer, Senior Contributor

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