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Tara Santoro
With the start of junior year Tara Santoro is more involved than ever. While focusing on soccer in the fall she is also involved in Leo’s Club and Y-teens but most importantly she is on the newly formed lacrosse team. Unlike soccer which Tara has been playing since she was six, she only started lacrosse four years ago.

After a reluctant start Tara started to love lacrosse. When talking about the start of her lacrosse career she says, “I was going to my grandma’s house and I was crying because I did not want to play.Then I got a birthday gift from my uncle and it was a stick so I was like alright now I have to play.” She says her mom encouraged her the most with starting lacrosse.

Along with the high school lacrosse team Santoro also travels for many lacrosse camps. Just recently she went to Delaware for a tournament and plans on going to Disney World for another tournament later in October.

Her plans for lacrosse go beyond high school and club teams. Santoro hopes to play in college and already has coaches and schools looking at her. When asked about her dream school she says she’s not really sure what school that would be, but for sure a division 2 or division 3 school. She says “D1 is crazy, if you go D1 you sign your life away and I don’t want that. I wanna enjoy school, I wanna enjoy college…” Santoro is glad she got the chance to start lacrosse and has high hopes for her future career in college and in her high school team.

Tara Santoro, Junior Contributor

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