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Sophia Campos
It is questionable to most people if extra curricular activities are meaningful, or will move into your everyday life. What students expose themselves to in high school can affect their character in the long run. Sophia Campos, a junior at Canfield High School, is using these extra curricular activities to help her explain her culture in an entertaining, yet informative way.

One of many extra curricular activities that Campos does is speech and debate where she competes in the informative category. "Basically I write a ten minute speech about whatever you want, and then I get to present it, and I get to use visual aids as well" Campos explained.

Speech and debate is an amazing way to work on your public speaking skills, but Campos uses her category to her advantage, and is speaking about what she knows. On August 21, 2017 her parents George and Pattie Campos opened the first Little Greek Fresh Grill in Ohio. That has been making the Campos' life pretty, as Sophia describes it, "hectic", but in the long run it will be very rewarding. "Greek food and Greek culture really hit home to me, so that's why I decided to do my speech on it this year", she concluded. -Kaleigh Ceci  

Sophia Campos, Junior Contributor

Feb 12, 2018
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