The Cardinal

When Ryan isn’t working at Inner Circle cooking food or hanging out with his friends and playing lacrosse, he is focusing on his new passion that enjoys with his friends.

His new passion is hunting.

Ryan started getting into the outdoor scene in 2009 with a non profit called OnTarget Outfitters, a youth mentoring program that uses outdoor sports like archery, riflery, fishing, hunting and camping as away to connect with young people by being outdoors, and by the teaching the word of god.

As Ryan got older, he lost interest in the camps and shooting for almost a decade until one day in 2017 when his buddies Alex and Joey talked him in to get back into it. When Ryan started back into hunting and being outdoors, it was a big year, as well, for his friends as Alex and Joey received the first permission to hunt on land for the first time after going on mentored hunts for most of their life.

Ryan started out the season without any equipment. He had the basic necessities in clothes, scent control, and boots, but didn't have the most important part: a bow.

Ryan started out with a crossbow that he bought offline and let’s just say it gave him some problems, after he sent that back he used one of his buddies crossbows to hunt with until he bought his first compound bow which was a Mathew Q2, but with that bow there came problems as his draw length was a inch and a half shorter than it should've been, so the search continued until he Ryan sold his Mathews bow for a Parker extreme bow which is at the draw length he need all along. Ryan said, “That selling his first bow he ever bought will be hard, but in the long run I realize it will help.”

So the big question he is heading into the 2018-2019 season of archery is will he be successful in punching a tag this year, or will he have the same fate as of last year?


Ryan Shidemantle, Senior Contributor

Oct 01, 2018
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