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Rose Hansing
When your average high school student is asked what their certain “thing” is they might say a sport, a hobby, or some other passion. For Canfield High School junior Rose Hansing the answer is people.

As she's grown older she's developed a strong, genuine love for people and excels at connecting to others:“I love the trust you can build between them. You can make or break any relationship on trust and it’s awesome to build that with a person. It makes me feel hopeful.”

Like others might say about music or writing, Rose finds happiness in getting to know others and understanding what makes a person who they are. As many people tend to shy away from too much socialization, Rose feels differently: “A place where I can just talk to people is my dream world.”

Rose explains that forming and keeping relationships helps to keep her accountable. “People keep me motivated to be a good person myself. If I have other people around me it makes me want to do things for them rather than just myself.”

Hansing closes: “At the end of the day sharing experiences and getting to know people is what I hold onto most in life.”

Rose Hansing, Junior Contributor

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