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Riley Wilkins
Junior Riley Wilkins is extremely busy in and outside of school. Playing varsity volleyball and club volleyball, as well as being a dedicated Leo's club member, and juggling many AP classes can sometimes be a lot for Wilkins. What keeps her sane among her busy schedule?


Riley Wilkins has been writing for as long as she can remember. She found it as a way to understand life around her. Anything you can think of. Wilkins wrote about it.

“I think I started using it when I was really young, like a therapy. Whenever I got really stressed or when something was going on I was able to put it into words. When I said it, it sounded a little more ridiculous. I didn’t feel as stressed or didn’t worry me as it did in my head.

While writing has been a crucial part of Wilkins’ life, she doesn’t feel like writing has to be important for everyone.

“Not everyone feels the same way or expresses their feelings the same way. Some people like to workout and run, some people like to draw, listen to music, or even eat! Doing something you love can always take you to a happier place and a better head space from where you previously were.”

It doesn’t take much to inspire Wilkins to write, but most of the time her inspiration comes from what she reads.

“One of my favorite books is called These Dreams by Barbara Chepaitis. That book really inspired me to start writing. It was just one of those books you couldn’t put down, ya know. It expresses a lot of different feelings and ideas. Also a lot of poetry books that I got when I was little.”

Wilkins encourages anyone who shares who love of reading and writing to read These Dreams or any poetry they can get their hands on. She says it can help you become a better writer and even thinker as it has helped her grow as a writer and a person in general.

“I guess I would consider writing to be one of the most powerful things in the world. It’s how we understand each other. It’s how we connect,” she concluded.

Riley Wilkins, Junior Contributor

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