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Mia Malvasi
Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Jim Gaffigan and so many more comedians use comedy in very different ways, every single day. Each person has their very own style and taste. For Mia Malvasi comedy is something special.

Ever since Mia was a young child she has been using comedy to connect with various people. She uses it not only as an icebreaker with people she does not know, but she also uses it to bring herself joy.

“Honestly my favorite thing to do is make people laugh and make people smile,” said Mia.

Mia would describe her style as improv comedy. She picks up on the conversation and then says what comes to mind first. The unseriousness of Mia’s jokes is what she feels makes them so funny.

“I make the stupidest jokes ever, and people laugh at them,” Mia explains.

The really outgoing trait that Mia has makes her completely comfortable with joking with anyone she is around. Besides her comedy she also has a loving heart. The mixture of Mias kindness and humor is what makes her such a likable person. Mia feels that she can make a difference when someone needs a good laugh.

“I just love when I know I made someone happy,” Mia said.

Another form of comedy Mia uses is online. She has hundreds of photographs on her phone that she will use in different conversations. Whether she is talking to someone in person or texting them she will show a funny picture. Mia finds most of the pictures off of the social media platform, Twitter.

“I stan a twitter icon,” Mia joked.


Mia Malvasi, Junior Contributor

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