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There are so many things that we should cherish in our lifetime, “Being with my friends everyday brings me the most happiness in my life”, the outgoing McCoy Watkins said.

Watkins enjoys collaborating with many people to seek new friendships and help with personal problems. Watkins enjoys adventuring with his friends and claimed.

"The lagoon is one of my favorite spots to go to”, the parkour daredevil loves going to this lagoon because of the rush it gives him when jumping off of the 50 foot cliff and the amazing view that it provides. Although he is still a junior he is excited yet frightened for the future as he does not want to lose his best friends.

McCoy plans to pursue an engineering major when he goes to college. He is undecided on where he wants to go; as of right now his top two choices are Youngstown State and Kent State. He would like to attend YSU because it is very close to home, but if his best friend, Anthony Dalesio, gets a scholarship to wrestle at Kent then he would love to go there to be with him.

Football is a passion of his, “The bond that we form in the locker room and on the field is something special”, Watkins said. He is currently a linebacker and plans to help the team in any way possible in order to achieve the dream of a state championship.

McCoy Watkins, Junior Contributor

Oct 05, 2018
October 5, 2018 – Period Six – The Show from Canfield High School (Story)
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